Bank Wire Transfer

Payment by Bank Transfer with preference of sending proof.

ATM Reference

If you prefer to pay by ATM, the website will send to your email an entity, a reference and the value of your order that can be settled in any ATM (or Homebanking) box.

Orders with payment by Multibanco Reference are automatically canceled after 3 days if they are not paid.

Payments via Multibanco Reference exempt the sending of proofs.

We recommend this method of payment for Online Orders, due to its convenience and faster process.

Bank Wire Transfer | Bank deposit

It is a convenient way to make payments from almost anywhere in the world, as you only need a phone or an online access to your bank in order to make the transfer. Moreover, it is a facility for people who still feel some mistrust when giving their credit card details over the Internet.

ATM Reference

Multi-bank referrals are considered as a secure and reliable method of payment, especially to unwary internet users to reveal their online banking details for fear of fraudulent use or risk of exposure. Through this method, orders paid are automatically processed and confirmation of payment promptly sent to commercial entities, mitigating the risks.

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