Terms and Conditions


Autodomus’s primary goal is to provide an excellent product in order to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to respect and fulfill this purpose we present our terms and conditions of the provision of our services:

Orders will only be delivered to the buyer’s home after 48 hours, after payment of the order is made, unless stock is over.
If after payment the product is sold out, Autodomus guarantees a replacement within 1 to 2 weeks, but does not guarantee the continuity of prices or promotions to date.
If the product is no longer produced and marketed, Autodomus will return the money and enter into a contract with the buyer to inform you of the situation.
In case of redelivery of the product by change of address, the customer will have to pay in the resending of the goods.
For any type of claim (packaging problems, damaged product, etc.) verification is mandatory at the time of delivery.
If you find any anomaly in the act of delivery, the buyer will have to cancel the shipping guide that the transport will ask you to sign. If you cannot verify, you should write on the same tab « subject to verification », not without signing.
Still on the previous two points, should mention any is the problem of non-compliance and take pictures and then append the problem to Autodomus.
Autodomus reserves the right to change prices and products when it considers that they are not correct, without prior notice to the customer.
If there is a co-existence of any problem at the time of product insertion (price, product characteristics, etc.), Autodomus will contact the customer to inform you of the cancellation of the order in order to comply with the law in force.
All postage is paid, either nationally or internationally. Minimum rates are €7.38 (VAT included)
According to Law No. 144/2015 we inform you that in case of dispute, consumers can resort to cniacc – National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts.
The images present on this digital platform are merely illustrative.


VAT prices included;
Delivery times may be different due to the typology of the product;
The postage is always paid, except in the personal in-store.


100% in order award


Bank Transfer
ATM (Reference)


If the product is delivered in good condition, the buyer will have to accept the product because it meets the purpose requirements. In this sense, Autodomus will have no obligation to accept the return or exchange of the product.
In the case of items that are guaranteed, the item will be accepted, with Autodomus having a period of 30 days to give a solution to the customer. If it is a malfunction due to poor handling of the customer, the warranty is void and the item will be returned to the customer. Shipping costs will always be at the customer’s responsibility.
Cash returns, if applicable, will be made within 5 working days.


Deliveries can be made in two ways:

Deliveries in hand in our physical store.
Deliveries through a carrier that is selected by the customer at the time of online purchase.